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The Ruby, July's Birthstone, Has Been Treasured For Ages

July's birthstone, the ruby has been adorned by people for centuries in jewelry such as ruby necklaces, ruby rings, and ruby earrings. The gem's adoration comes from the same thing which its name is derived from, its magnificent red color. The most valuable rubies occur in rich, medium to dark tone reds. All rubies have a primary hue of red, with secondary hues which usually occur in pink, orange, and purple. Purple is the preferred secondary hue because it helps deepen the stone's primary red hue.

The Ruby, Julys Birthstone, Has Been Treasured For Ages Rubies1-11

Most rubies occur naturally with substantial flaws which are treated using several methods. For rubies with fewer flaws, they are simply heated which removes blue blemishes and accentuates the red hue. For rubies with significant amounts of fissures and cracks, the ruby is heated and heated glass is used to fill in the fissures and cracks.

The Ruby, Julys Birthstone, Has Been Treasured For Ages Rubies2-56

As July's birthstone, ruby jewelry makes the perfect gift for anyone born in July or any mother expecting in July. Of course, this gorgeous red gem has been admired by almost everyone for centuries, and therefore can be the perfect gift for anyone. Stop in and see our collection of ruby jewelry for yourself.

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