Passionate Ruby is the Birthstone for July

Passionate Ruby is the Birthstone for July Ruby1-84As perfect as a blooming red rose, as intriguing as snow white's lip against her milky white skin; ruby, the second hardest gem in the world, is indeed one of the most beautiful birthstones of all. Evoking emotions of deep passion and love, the Ruby stone has and is still referred to as the king of gems among the Hindu culture owing to its intriguing red hue. Come to think of it, would Snow White's lips be as exquisitely appealing to your imagination if they were petal pink

Passionate Ruby is the Birthstone for July Ruby2-6Abundantly found in Mogok, Burma; this precious stone was once worn by kings and rulers and believed to have a positive effect on power making decisions. Thousands of years down the line not much has changed, in fact, ruby is still believed to aid in making life decisions, more so, financial decisions. On the other hand, this birthstone is also thought to protect its owner from danger, turning deep red when danger is looming and returning to its normal state when the danger passes, quite interesting.

This beautiful yet iconic birthstone hails from the corundum (sapphire) family and is only separated from the rest by its color, that is, a green sapphire is an emerald where as a red one is a ruby. Although rubies are recognized as the official birthstone for July, these beauties can be worn all year round. Adding a touch of class and elegance to any outfit, you can't ever go wrong with ruby.

The birthstone for July is ruby and we have for you a fabulous assortment of expertly handcrafted ruby jewelry to match your taste. So whether you are looking to spoil a loved one with a gift or treat yourself to a pair of ruby stud earrings, you can always trust Schmidt Jewelers to deliver the quality you deserve.

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