Garnet: January's Birthstone

Garnet: Januarys Birthstone The warm oranges and rich reds of garnet, January's birthstone, remind one of a family fireplace, and therefore are the perfect balance to this cold winter month. Garnet jewelry has been associated with the power to heal and the strength of human relationships.

In the Middle Ages, garnet pendants were worn in an effort to cure inflammatory diseases and even cure the Black Plague. Today, it is believed by some that wearing garnet pendants can help with heart problems. Some also believe that wearing garnet jewelry can aid the body in clearing up infection.

Along with physical health, garnets are also believed to strengthen the health of personal relationships. In the Middle Ages, garnet pendants and garnet rings were given at weddings to ensure the couple's faithfulness to one another. Garnet jewelry was also given to a good friend when parting. Today, garnet jewelry is a gorgeous and meaningful gift for a longtime friend no matter the circumstance.

Garnet: Januarys Birthstone During the cold of January, the homey reds and oranges of garnet can warm a friend's heart. Stop by our store and peruse our collection of garnet jewelry. Discover why this garnet has been associated with good health and even better friendships, for centuries.

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