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The company, Deltah, began in 1893 when M.J. Karpeles established the nation's oldest firm specializing in fine simulated pearl jewelry. The business started producing fine quality simulated pearls and pearl jewelry. Deltah was purchased by L. Heller at the turn of the century. L. Heller & Son, Inc.

Imperial, which was founded by Joseph Gladstone in 1932 at a time of increased growth for the pearl industry, began operating in Chicago. This particular business specialized in importing and selling Japanese Cultured Pearls. Imperial became among the first to bring the valued Akoya pearls to the United States from Japan.

On June 1, 1995, Imperial Pearl Syndicate and Pearls by Deltah were merged to form Imperial-Deltah, Inc, which is now a noted leader in the United States pearl jewelry market. The Company's exclusive distribution agreement for Eyris Blue Pearls and Imperial's Crown cultured pearls places Imperial-Deltah at the forefront of pearl pioneering.

Imperial continues to explore opportunities in the Cook Islands, Fiji, China, Mexico and every place pearls are produced to bring to the market what the entire pearl world has to offer.

With a long standing heritage, Imperial has developed secure alliances with the finest sources for cultured pearls throughout the world. Whatever your desires are, whether they are Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea Golden, White, or Freshwater, the new and unusual, Schmidt Jewelers carries the most complete pearl jewelry selection on the market. From their Crown select 18kt collection to fun fashion Sterling Silver exclusively from Imperial-Deltah, our associates are here to help you choose the right piece for you that's sure to have people stopping in their tracks for another look.

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