Aquamarine is Refreshing

Aquamarine is one of the birthstones for March. Its name is derived from the old Latin for “water of the sea.” This name is fitting considering the stone’s green-blue hues. It is distinguished from similarly colored stones by its trace amounts of iron and six sided crystal structure.

The most important criteria in deciding aquamarine’s quality is the intensity of color, clarity of the stone, and the quality of the cut. Aquamarine’s color can range from light to dark blue, and blue-green to green-blue. Although the aquamarine jewelry with denser colors is traditionally prized, some prefer the clean and crystal look of aquamarine with lighter colors, especially with aquamarine rings and earrings.

In Ancient Rome, aquamarine was believed to secure safe passage and therefore sailors were given aquamarine pendants before a long voyage. In the Middle Ages, aquamarine was believed to have mystical properities and used to create crystal balls for fortune tellers. T

oday, aquamarine is one of March’s birthstones and aquamarine jewelry can be given to anyone with a March birthday or any mother expecting in March. But this gorgeous stone, whether in a crisp light hue or a deep and rich hue, can be the perfect gift for anyone.

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