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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Opal: The Gem of the Gods

by Schmidt Jewelers
Opal: The Gem of the Gods  Opal is October's birthstone and it has appeared in the stories of the gods. It's no wonder, considering the gem's striking features. Its color ranges from a liquid white to black, and each stone reflects unique flashes of color, ranging from red, yellow, and orange to blue and green.

Opal: The Gem of the Gods  In Greek mythology, before Zeus would be crowned the ruler of the gods, he had to first overthrow Cronos and the Titans. It was a long and hard battle. When Zeus and his siblings finally won, Zeus was so overcome with happiness he wept. As his tears fell, they transformed into opals, sparkling in their glorious colors as they hit the ground below. Opals are not only a part of Western mythology, but Eastern religion as well.

Opal: The Gem of the Gods  On the other side of the world, a Hindu story talks of discord between the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva over a gorgeous mortal woman. To avoid their advances, the mortal was transformed into mist. In order to recognize her, each god infused this mist with his own color. Brahma infused the mist with the blue of sky and heaven. Vishnu infused the mist with gold. And Shiva infused the mist with the red of fire. The mortal, now mist, was then turned into the opal, reflecting the colors of all three gods.

Opal: The Gem of the Gods  The opal, an amazing gem, once associated with the gods, can be yours as well, with jewelry such as opal rings and opal pendants. Just contact us and one of our helpful staff will help you find exactly which unique stone is just right for you.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Sapphires for September

by Schmidt Jewelers
Sapphires for September The sapphire is the blue variety of the Corundum family. This gemstone is very desirable because of its beautiful color, luster, durability and hardness rating. In terms of durability, the sapphire comes in second to the diamond.

Sapphires for September These gemstones are able to be found naturally by searching through industrial processes or certain rock formations. Mostly, they are used as decoration and worn as ornaments. The blue variety of sapphire is most commonly used in the creation of jewelry. Blue sapphires are often used to carve into small figures or cameos and synthetic sapphire is sometimes used in place of the natural material. The rare orange-pink variety of sapphire is often seen as more valuable than the blue gemstone. Sapphires are used in all types of jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Sapphires for September Because of the hardness rating of sapphires, they are used as high durability windows and watch crystals, but mainly for jewelry, because they are the birthstone for the month of September. They are also used in infrared optical components.

Sapphires for September The powers that were attributed to this gemstone during the Middle Ages, were great power to enable one to resist black magic; the protection of plague, poison, fever and skin diseases; the preservation of chastity and the enabling one to discover treachery and fraud. In instances of smallpox sapphires were used to rub on the eyes to preserve them from any type of injury.

Sapphires for September There is a record of a famous Sapphire that was donated by a Richard de Preston (a citizen and grocer), to be used for the cure of all infirmities of the eyes, of those that had been afflicted. This took place in the Church of Old St. Paul's, London.

Sapphires for September Combined with the metaphysical aspect of purity, the quality of faithfulness which is related to sapphires has always made them one of the finest choices as a gift. The Princess of Wales, Diana wore a sapphire engagement ring. It is believed that sapphires bring a certain dimension of wisdom and power over their owner. For this reason these gemstones are more prominent than others found in the British crown jewels. The seal-stone in the ring of King Solomon was said to be a sapphire. This may very well be one of the reasons why sapphire is historically held in value by those in the Jewish faith.