Monday, August 01, 2016

August's Alternative Birthstone is Sardonyx

by Schmidt Jewelers
Sardonyx is August's birthstone. Sardonyx is actually a layering of two different stones, sard and onyx. Sard appears from a dark orange to dark red to close to black. Onyx, although thought by many to only appear as black, appears in a range of colors from black to blue to white. Sardonyx has been used for centuries to create cameos, especially ones with religious images. In Ancient Egypt and Rome, men and women both wore sardonyx rings and sardonyx necklaces in an effort to possess whatever powers the profile on the wearer's cameo possessed.

In regards to the sard of sardonyx, the origin of its name has been disputed. Records from Pliny the Elder, an Ancient historian, conjecture that sard's name is derived from Sardis, an ancient city in the area of modern Turkey. Most today do not believe this. Some believe that sard comes ...

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